Terms & Conditions

Catch Up Lessons

These conditions have been written with the goal of being as fair as possible to both our students and our tutors.


We offer catch-up lessons to one-on-one and duo students. Catch-ups cannot be offered to groups or bands. Catch-ups can be offered on the following conditions:

  • At least 24 hours notice is given to cancel the original lesson.
  • A maximum of 1 catch up lesson can be given per school term.
  • The catch up lesson will be in the first week of the school holidays, on the same day as the usual weekly lesson. We do our best to accommodate the tutors’ schedules. We will be in touch to confirm an appropriate time.
  • Apollo Music cannot guarantee the regular weekly teacher will deliver the catch up lesson, however our relief tutors (other tutors from Apollo Music) will have access to all lesson notes.
  • If contact is not made by the student to accept the offer of the catch-up lesson, then the catch-up lesson is forfeited.
  • Catch-up lessons are not available to group and band students if the student cancels.
  • Catch up lessons cannot be carried over into subsequent terms.


  • We strive to provide a relief teacher on the day of the lesson. If we cannot, a catch-up lesson will be offered in the holidays.
  • The lesson will be during the first week of the holidays if possible, or at another time agreed upon by the student and Apollo Music.
  • If no suitable time for catch ups can be found, then Apollo Music will issue full refunds or credits for the missed lesson(s).


Payment for the term is due in Week 2 of each school term.


Enrolment automatically rolls over into each term/year unless cancelled. 14 days written notice for cancellation.


Lessons are weekly. Fortnightly/Casual options not available.


Term dates can be found here.

Late Payments

Non-payment will be referred to debt collection.

Late payments will result in direct debits being set up for future payments.


Cancellation Fee

– Please be punctual for your lessons. Lessons are held back-to-back and we will not be able to extend your time slot.

– In the event of a student requiring urgent medical treatment during a lesson, Apollo Music would arrange this at the expense of the student or the parent/caregiver.

– Apollo Music will take all reasonable care during lessons to ensure your well-being. However, we are not liable for any loss, damage or injury incurred on the school premises.

In the event of ending your lessons without notice, we have to apply a Cancellation Fee to cover our costs. A Cancellation Fee of $80 applies for withdrawal from lessons with less than 7 days written notice from the beginning of lessons starting, or withdrawal from lessons mid-term.


By Enrolling with Apollo Music, you are agreeing to these terms and conditions.

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