Instrument Hire Policy


Beginner Instruments: $5 per week
Quality Instruments: $10 per week

Fees are included on your lessons invoice.


Pro-rated if hire starts mid term

When hiring is finished, we may ask you to drop the instrument off to another location locally, depending on the time of drop off


Hire extends into the school holidays if you’re hiring for consecutive terms.


Pick up / drop off is at Amesbury School, Churton Park, on Saturdays.

Damage Policy

– Upon return of the hire instrument, the instrument must be in the same overall condition as when the hire started. ‘General wear and tear’ is acceptable. ‘General wear and tear’ includes minor scratches and scuffs. ‘General wear and tear’ does not include dents, cracks, significant surface damage, structural damage, or water damage.

– Any damage to the instrument that warrants repair will be charged at the industry standard repair costs.
In the event of loss or irreparable damage to the instrument, the replacement cost of the instrument will be charged in full.

How to care for your guitar

  • Only use the tuning pegs for tuning purposes. Misuse of tuning pegs can very easily break strings. Please don’t let younger siblings ‘play’ with the guitar and its tuning pegs!
  • Keep the guitar in its case when transporting it.
  • Don’t keep other items in the case with the guitar as they can scratch it! Use the outside pockets of the guitar case.
  • Try not to store the guitar in direct sunlight or a warm car as this can warp the wood of the guitar.
  • Make sure you only play the guitar with clean hands! Wash your hands before playing if you have food or drink on them.


  • Replacing broken strings are an ongoing cost of maintaining and using any guitar. It is the hirer’s responsibility to cover this cost and replace any broken strings.
  • To prolong the life of the guitar and its tuning pegs, the hirer must make sure that the correct replacement string is used, and the string is replaced correctly. There are many relevant tutorials for this on Youtube.
  • The price of single strings varies from $2 – $8 depending on the string gauge. A full set of strings will cost $20 – $30. These can be picked up from any local music shop.
  • Apollo Music can provide a full set of strings and restring your guitar for the cost of strings plus a flat rate $20 service charge. Simply let us know that your guitar needs to be restrung and leave the guitar with your tutor.


By hiring an instrument from Apollo Music, you are agreeing to these terms and conditions.

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